Echinodorus grandiflorus

Echinodorus grandiflorus (family Alismataceae) is of the biggest of the Amazon sword plant species with a single leaf reaching over a metre in length if the plant is doing well. Echinodorus grandiflorus needs to be grown in an open aquarium to be able to grow out of the water and is ideal for the indoor pond or large open aquarium. These plants flower and propagate themselves easily by forming small plantlets on the flower stalks. These can be separated when they have rooted and planted into a rich substrate as this is a fast growing plant. As with the other Echinodorus species this plant grows best at high temperatures but can tolerate slightly lower temperatures than the other species, but will not flower as profusely. the thick fleshy leaf stalks of this plant are attacked by the Ancistris catfish species as a source of food.